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Students are taught to appreciate the plant cycle, develop a basic understanding of an ecosystem, care for the environment, and recognize where their food sources come from by examining seeds, playing in the dirt, studying birds and bees, and planting flowers and herbs. Fresh herbs grown in our Green Thumb program are used in our Le Petit Chef classes, which helps our students to learn about “farm to table.” Gardening offers a vibrant, hands-on learning experience that thoughtfully enhances the classroom curriculum. 

The Community Montessori School incorporates a variety of enrichment programs to broaden the educational experience of each child.  These programs often incorporate our local community.

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In Music Together, children learn to sing in tune and move in time through playful and developmentally appropriate activities.  Miss Loulou prepares a thoughtful curriculum and leads a weekly class which involves fingerplays, movement, rhythmic chants, instrumental exploration, and songs.  She also acts as mentor to the CMS teachers by helping them find ways to bring the Music Together curriculum into the classroom everyday.  Each CMS student receives a songbook, two CDs, and an access code to the online Music Together materials which allow parents to sing along with their children at home.  

Little Artist

Once a week, students learn the basic fundamentals of soccer while playing games meant to improve gross motor skills and coordination.  The program stresses the importance of teamwork and building a community among players.  Lessons are taught through Global Premier Soccer and lessons take place year round and weather permitting, on the Natick Common. 

Green Thumb


At CMS, we believe that students need to be exposed to other languages at an early age.  Our students receive daily French lessons, often in the form of games, songs, or books.  The French curriculum corresponds with the themes of our monthly calendar.  We are currently in the process of developing Mandarin lessons to be interspersed throughout the day as well.  These lessons include basic vocabulary, songs, traditional Chinese dance, and yoga.

Le Petit Chef

In our "Le Petit Chef" class, we aim to teach our children basic cooking techniques and the importance of using fresh ingredients in cooking to get them excited about making good food.  This program reinforces practical life, math, and science skills and emphasizes hands-on participation.  Foods that are baked are served for afternoon snack and students are proud to share the ‘fruits’ of their labor with their classmates. All our cooking is nut-free, and special accommodations are made for children with other food allergies.  

​​​​At CMS, art projects are inspired by different artists, nature, and themes that correlate to our monthly curriculum. Students learn how to draw and paint by using basic shapes to build their artwork and work with different materials, including paint, pencils, papier-mâché, tissue paper, scissors, leaves, and flowers to develop fine motor skills and improve their visual learning skills in a creative way.  They are given step by step instructions to ensure that they create a successful piece of art.


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Throughout the year, our students participate in several celebrations, including Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year, International Festival, and a Spring Tea Party.  These events are a way to celebrate our diverse community and expose our students to different traditions and social settings.  They are some of the most beloved days of the year!