Infant & Toddler Program

This is a time of extremely rapid physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. During this time, babies learn about the world through their senses and through bodily motor activities. They develop close bonds with special adults, and they begin to control more and more aspects of their behavior.

Infants are born curious, seeking information about their world. 

​Planning for infants does not necessarily involve “lessons”, but rather opportunities for experiences in a safe and nurturing environment. When teachers organize materials for the room, they take into account the child’s individual differences.

Planning is based on observations of the children using their interests and talents, their new skills, and their reactions to materials

3 months- 2.9 years

Community Montessori School

​At Community Montessori School, we facilitate learning through attentive, affectionate and respectful care.

​​​​​​Our school believes that every infant has his/her own schedule.

The day will include:
napping, eating, diapering, quiet play, active play and outside time.

Your child’s daily report will reflect his/her day.