The Montessori Method

Based on Maria Montessori’s scientific study of children, the Montessori method believes that children are naturally curious about their environment and have an intrinsic desire to learn. Unlike a teacher centered approach, a Montessori education centers on the belief that children are critical thinkers who are capable of being self-directed learners.  In a carefully prepared environment, children have the freedom to move throughout the classroom and learn through hands-on activities with specific Montessori materials.  Teachers are there to guide children through their individualized learning and to foster a respectful and tight-knit community. A Montessori education promotes free choice, hands on learning, independence, and creativity where children are free to learn at their own pace.

The Montessori method promotes learning in a multi-age environment, which allows students to learn from and teach one another and to work together.  A multi-age classroom encourages teachers and students to form strong relationships and fosters a community among students.  

Community Montessori School

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